As coaches, we’ve both seen just how large of an impact the pandemic and job loss/job insecurity has had on mental health. Even Canadians who haven’t lost their jobs are seeing huge impacts to their mental health. A recent poll by the Angus Reid Institute found that 50% of Canadians reported worsening mental health since the pandemic began with many feeling worried (44%) and anxious (41%). As much as it may seem that you are stuck in a bizarre rut, while everyone around you has it made, the truth is that these feelings of anxiety, fear, stress, and depression are more common than we know. It can be especially hard to remind yourself of this as the pandemic has pushed us all into our own cocoons of uncertainty and doubt without regular contact with others. Putting yourself out there isn’t always easy, especially given that there’s “definitely a stigma” around unemployment, Dr. Maidenberg said.

depression and job search

“While looking for a job is stressful, don’t lose your optimism. Envision your new job and be excited a whole new adventure awaits. That enthusiasm will translate during your interviews and onto your cover letters. Anxiety tells me I need to have every single answer to every single question figured out before anyone even asks. So, I put together a web-based spreadsheet overcoming job search depression that tracked every job lead along with the primary contact’s info, our last date of communication and all the notes on what we’d talked about so far. I also kept folders for every lead containing all the homework I’d done on the company, every email I’d sent/received and any notable industry news stories that might add to interview conversations.

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Hit Chat Now, enter your main thoughts, and you’ll get connected with others who get it. With all your free time, you may start to question your worth, your interests, or your purpose. Unemployment might even send you into an existential crisis. And in turn, being depressed can make it harder to find motivation to look for jobs. She also suggests reaching out to your network for help uncovering opportunities in the hidden job market, where an estimated 80-90% of jobs are found. Envying friends and family head out on vacation and enjoying life while you’re required to continue the unending search.

What is a simple job that pays well?

House Sitter

If you're looking for easy high paying jobs, don't discount house sitter. Your main responsibility is simply to be present, ensuring a home doesn't sit empty. Usually, there will be a few more duties, like watering plants, checking the mail, and maybe some light cleaning.

Industry insights, staffing news and job search advice. Are you looking for ways to stay motivated in finding a job? Encourage yourself with these techniques courtesy of the Avengers. Instead, they powered up themselves to defend the universe. Before you fully embrace your strength, you must first defeat the sources of your job search frustration. There are various factors that you can’t control when searching for a job, and they may very well be contributing to your experience.

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Honestly, It’s totally okay if you are struggling with job search depression. Job search depression as the term implies is an onset of feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and discouragement that have a causal link with prolonged periods of unemployment and active job searching. Usually, when you first start your job search, you go into it with a sense of determination and optimism. But, as time goes on, it can become harder and harder to stay positive and hopeful, and it can ultimately lead to negative feelings and even job depression. Sometimes a good chat is the best remedy for a tough emotional situation. If you are feeling overwhelmed by anxiety or depression over the job hunt, reach out to someone you feel comfortable talking to. It could be your family, friends, colleagues, or even a professional therapist.

You are not required to disclose your mental health struggles to prospective employers. In fact, the Americans With Disabilities Act considers clinical depression a protected disability, which means you can’t legally be discriminated against because of your depression. Because depression can come and go in waves for some people, it’s possible you’ll convince yourself you’re past this most recent bout of symptoms in light of the excitement you feel. While you’re plugging away at your ultimate goal—finding the right job—add smaller, more immediate goals along the way. Accomplishing tasks you set out to do, however small they may seem, can kick-start your confidence and motivation. Looking for a job can be a challenge, even in the best circumstances. When you put in a lot of time and effort and don’t immediately see the results you hoped for, you may start to feel discouraged, anxious, or even depressed.

Negative Mindset and Job Search

You feel that all day, every day, you’re knocking your head against the wall. Dozens of résumés are emailed in response to job postings. Hours are spent completing annoying, glitchy applications. You keep calling friends, former co-workers and others in your network, in the hopes of obtaining a solid job lead. To make matters worse, there’s a lack of feedback and you’re routinely ghosted by companies. Even though we’re in the midst of a pandemic that created a massive health, economic and job crisis, people continue to put too much pressure on themselves.

  • Younger workers entering the job force have lower salary expectations due to their fewer years of experience, and have the tech competency that requires less on-the-job training.
  • She is a certified trainer and coach in Body Language at the Center for Body Language in Antwerp, where she has developed a specialised course in Power Moves for individuals and organisations.
  • Keep in mind that while your job search may take some time, it won’t last forever.

When you are experiencing career-related challenges, that’s the time to engage with people. You need to let others know what’s happening; they may have some answers for you or leads on new opportunities. They may have been down the same road and have some wisdom to impart. It feels better to get things off of your chest by sharing with others. We’ve all learned the hard way that life is fragile and fleeting.

Surround yourself with positive people, not negative people.

This step is definitely harder to practice in reality, but it’s not impossible. So just because you were “rejected,” try not to dwell on it. Soon enough, you may start to doubt yourself and your skills. You may feel as if you’re never going to land something valuable. You may be struggling to find jobs that actually interest you, which makes the whole job-hunting process feel hopeless. Understanding and accepting that this totally normal experience happens to everyone at some point in their careers. Try to prevent negative thoughts from dominating your mind.

How do I make a resume if I haven’t worked in 20 years?

  1. Make your resume skills-focused.
  2. Include volunteer work you did during your period of unemployment.
  3. Emphasize your education by adding more detail to your resume education section.
  4. Add any certifications you got while unemployed.

When you follow these tips, you’ll be able to dig yourself out of it in no time. Consider being open to new possibilities, such as applying for remote work, and you may just land the job you’ve been searching for. This will help you stay on top of your job search and follow-ups. By reaching out, you’ll keep your name top of mind and you’ll help do some of the heavy lifting for the hiring manager.

For instance, depression can have a negative impact on memory, which might lead you to forget details you need to remember in order to make the best impression during your job hunt. Depression is one of the most common mental health disorders, with approximately 17.3 million adults experiencing at least one major depressive episode in the United States in 2017. Even tasks that aren’t related to the job search, like straightening up your room or making phone calls about health insurance coverage, can earn a place on your goal list.